Attach effect devices and pedals to the pedalboard - stomptrap

stomptrap. The Adapter between your Pedals and Pedalboard The adapter.

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The Adapter
between your pedals
and pedalboard.

buy stomptrap® Fix pedals on pedalboard Dieses Produkt wurde sorgfältig und per Hand in Deutschland produziert.
stomptrap large

For pedals with a width of 89mm - 95mm

stomptrap regular

For pedals with a width of 61mm - 66mm

stomptrap mini

For small pedals with a width of 38mm - 48mm

buy stomptrap®

For small and medium-sized guitar effect devices.

  • No more need to stick velcro under your pedals.
  • Get rid of wiggle and wobble by increasing the surface area
  • No extra space needed, uses the empty space beneath the plugs
  • Compatible to all common pedalboards


Jan Eigenbrodt, Janssons Gitarrentalk Janssons-Gitarrentalk.deJan Eigenbrodt, Janssons Gitarrentalk
Mario Seifarth, Musiker TV Musiker-TV.comMario Seifarth, Musiker TV
David Schischke, Louder Louder.comDavid Schischke, Louder


Stomptrap regular auf Pedalboard


Pedalriser Pedalboard Detail
Pedalriser Mini

The stomptrap® Pedalriser works like platform shoes for your mini-pedals. The two-level layout effects significantly more room for pedals on a smaller footprint.

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TA mounting kit temple audio design
TA mounting kit

With the stomptrap® TA mounting kit, your pedals can be mounted on a pedalboard with a perforated plate without the need of using tools. The ideal alternative to self-adhesive pedal plates!

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»stomptrap® is a cool way to attach your pedals to the pedalboard!« Martin Klaja

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